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Sun Sentinel Blogs About May 7th Foreclosure Workshop

Mon Apr 27, 2009 by on Florida Foreclosures

The South Florida Sun Sentinel ‘Consumer Talk’ blogger, Daniel Vasquez, lists Oppenheim’s May real estate workshop as a top priority for homeowners troubled with foreclosure. See below for the story. Free foreclosure workshop for South Floridians Have questions about foreclosures? Who doesn’t, considering Florida’s foreclosures rank fourth in the nation and South Florida foreclosures jumped 33 percent in the first […]

Foreclosures Continue Rising in South Florida

Thu Apr 16, 2009 by on Florida Law News

BY MONICA HATCHER mhatcher@MiamiHerald.com The number of foreclosures in Miami-Dade and Broward continued rising last month, as mounting job losses crippled borrowers’ ability to make monthly payments and lenders lifted previous foreclosure moratoriums and resumed legal action against delinquent accounts. In Miami-Dade County, lenders filed 3,043 initial foreclosure actions against homeowners and reclaimed 819 homes through foreclosure. Hundreds more were […]

Foreclosure Defense Rights and Wrongs: Squatters, Ejectments and Constitutional Rights

Over the past few days it seems that the informal name of this blog: “From the Trenches” is becoming more and more fitting. Florida foreclosure defense has become part of our everyday life – radio, TV, Internet, print. Let me explain. On Friday on the front page of the New York Times headline Squatters Call Foreclosures Home one could not […]

Change is in the Air: White House Holds first Passover Seder and Obama takes on Role as Mortgage Broker in Chief

Fri Apr 10, 2009 by on Florida Law News

Today, as many of my friends celebrate Good Friday and I continue to celebrate Passover, my office is a virtual ghost town. So I actually had a moment to take stock on changes that are occurring in our collective lives. First and foremost it is just hard to believe that the White House held a Passover Seder last night. http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/04/09/obama-to-host-seder-dinner/ […]

Foreclosure and Banks Double Dipping is Headline News

This week I spoke with the Daily Business Review’s Terry Sheridan about fraudulent bank profits at homeowners’ expense. As an active real estate attorney and entrepreneur that has closed billions of dollars in real estate, I foresee a rebellion-of-sorts concerning our nation’s foreclosure and economic crisis. I have contacted the New York Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo about what I call […]

Spot Light on Real Estate Bail Out Workshop

Watch WSVN Tomorrow for Insider Information on Short Sales, Mortgage Modification & Refinancing @WSVN’s Daisy Rodriquez spearheads a story on what options homeowners have when it comes to their personal real estate bailout. The Channel 7 News team came to my office on Monday to get my legal perspective on South Florida’s foreclosure crisis and homeowner bailout advice. While not […]