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Is the 14th Amendment a Way Out for Obama?

Sat Jul 30, 2011 by on Florida Law News

As we race closer and closer to crashing the debt ceiling like Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory skyrocketing in his glass elevator, many concerned Americans are urging President Obama take matters into his own hands by invoking the 14th Amendment. The critical portion of the 14th Amendment to this crisis is Section 4, which reads in pertinent part: “The […]

Mortgage Servicers Turn Robo Signers, Original Docs Just Don’t Exist

Fri Jul 29, 2011 by on Florida Law News

Carelessness, neglect and an utter disregard for proper procedures is something Oppenheim Law has come to expect from the mortgage industry. So it is no surprise that mortgage servicers might have turned once again to robo-signing in order to foreclose on homes, according to Reuters. This time it’s because the original documents don’t even exist! During the housing boom, over […]

Short Sale Deficiencies Now Illegal in California. What About Florida?

Thu Jul 28, 2011 by on Florida Law News & Short Sales

Welcome back to the Divided States of America. Oppenheim Law has been discussing the chasm that exists in our country between recourse and non-recourse states for years. (Check out Roy Oppenheim’s Op Ed piece in the Sun-Sentinel) It now appears that rift is widening. In non-recourse states, like California, a lender may not pursue a deficiency following a foreclosure sale […]

Foreclosures to Rentals. Obama Finally Listens to Oppenheim Law

Taking a cue from Oppenheim Law, the Obama Administration is mulling over plans to reduce the number of foreclosed homes on the market by renting them out, according to the Wall Street Journal. As the large inventory of distressed homes on the market continues to push a reduction in home prices as well as an increase in rental prices, the […]

Foreclosure Notice by Facebook: Banks New Advantage Over Homeowners

What does the digital future of foreclosures look like with social networks like Facebook? Oppenheim Law explores how living in a gated community or hanging out on Facebook may impact the foreclosure process. In the never-ending battle by the banks to make things just a little easier for them, courts in Australia began to authorize banks to serve foreclosure proceedings […]

Robo-Signing Returns, Raising Eyebrows and Acid Reflux

Oppenheim Law would never accuse the banks of committing fraud, perjury, impersonation, notary fraud, contempt of court, lying, violating Constitutional protections, or being tax cheats. Nevertheless, we do make this advisory: Be careful of what you sign. Why? As soon as you think the coast is clear, it’s the return of the robo-signers. Suspected robo-signed documents are cropping up again […]

Oppenheim Law's New Client? Federal Government Strategic Default Case

The government is underwater, just like so many homeowners. As the political negotiations on raising the debt ceiling draw closer to the August 2nd deadline, several visionaries in the House of Representatives have suggested that the Federal Government get on board with the rising trend and strategically default. While such a move is unthinkable for some in Washington and Wall […]