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Power Play in Foreclosure Arena: New York Attorney General Sides with Consumers

It’s called doing the right thing for consumers! New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman stands alone on the side of the consumer, seemingly everyone else against him. The banks are trying to wipe out all of the potential claims against them, and they are being helped by the Obama administration, the Federal Reserve, and most of the State Attorney Generals. […]

Oppenheim Law Reports Short Sales Up, Saves Homeowners Millions

In an official Florida real estate news release, Oppenheim Law reports about 80 percent of its Florida foreclosure clients had deficiencies completely waived once they closed their short sale, also known as a pre-foreclosure sale, saving homeowners more than $16 million dollars in 2010/2011. The lesson learned: by working with the banks, homeowners can craft their own real estate bailout […]

Florida Fair Foreclosure Act: Devil in the Details

Trust the banksters . . . we think not! Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney Roy Oppenheim says: Florida Homeowners Beware! The proposed Florida Fair Foreclosure Act, at first glance, appears to be fair for homeowners. But watch out; it is actually only meant to be fair to the banks. The Act allows banks to rapidly and without supervision steal homes right […]

Oppenheim Law Questions: Investors Want $200 Billion From Banks, Consumers Get $20 Billion?

Tue Aug 23, 2011 by on Florida Law News

There is a surge of investors seeking compensation for the troubled mortgages that led to the financial crisis. But what about the consumer? Oppenheim Law finds it predictable, but highly disappointing, that big-money investors might get much more money from the banks than regular folks. It is also quite concerning that the solvency of the banks might be threatened if […]

S&P Downgrades USA. The Response: USA Downgrades S&P

Sun Aug 21, 2011 by on Florida Law News

We all know that you shouldn’t pick a fight with someone stronger than you. Apparently, no one chose to tell Standard and Poor’s (S&P). The ratings agency, which recently downgraded the American government’s debt rating, is now being investigated by the Justice Department for its role in the mortgage-backed securities bonanza. While the New York Times is reporting that the […]

B of A Trading Modifications for Lawsuits

Fri Aug 19, 2011 by on Florida Law News

Good news for underwater homeowners? Possibly. Relaxed modification rules are one way to ensure you stay in your home at a price you will be able to afford. Bank of America is reportedly negotiating with both federal and state governments over limiting the legal liability it took on when it purchased Countrywide in 2008. When Bank of America bought Countrywide, […]

Prediction: “Impossible Number” of Foreclosures to Come?

If the apple does not fall far from the tree; how far does the real estate market fall from foreclosures? More than 11.5 million people will eventually default on their mortgages, predicts a leading mortgage analyst. Did you read that right? Yes. It’s no surprise that the weakening real-estate market has a strong correlation to the amount of severe negative-equity […]

Inspector General Reviews Coerced Resignations

Tue Aug 16, 2011 by on Florida Law News

Oppenheim Law calls it suspicious. June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards were forced to resign from the Florida Attorney General’s office in May. They were the state’s top foreclosure investigators, in charge of Florida’s part in the multi-state investigation into the document mill scandal. They produced an influential presentation on the document mill scandal that helped highlight the rampant abuses in […]