Al Sunshine Sheds Some Light on South Florida’s 4th Quarter

Mon Oct 5, 2009 by on Florida Real Estate

As a foreclosure defense attorney, I get questions every day asking when I think the market is going to correct itself or when the foreclosure rate is going to slow.

Al Sunshine is the CBS Neighbors 4 Neighbors

Al Sunshine is the CBS Neighbors 4 Neighbors

I believe my friend Al Sunshine, who has been reporting for CBS4 since 1988, provided a thoughtful and honest assessment of South Florida’s economy through the next quarter in his daily blog, “Al Sunshine’s 4 Your Money.”

In short, I agree with Al that foreclosures and unemployment will continue to take a real bite out of the economy, but things will not get much worse. We hope!

Check out Al’s blog entitled, Al’s 4th Quarter Forecast” to read his analysis of the economic indicators and signals that point to this cautious optimism. And be sure to check back with Al regularly as he provides excellent, straightforward evaluations of our not-so-straightforward economy.

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