Free Webinar: Defending Your Home in Today’s Economy

Wed Jul 8, 2009 by on Florida Law News

Life is tough as a homeowner in today’s economy. It may feel like your world is upside down, everyone is against you and nobody is there to listen, advise or protect. We understand, and you’re not alone. More than 321,000 households received a foreclosure filing last month.

Financial problems are personal, which is why Roy Oppenheim has designed a way to offer foreclosure solutions in a private webinar from the convenience of your home or office.

Ask Questions. Get Answers. Register Today for Foreclosure Defense 101.

What: Foreclosure Defense Webinar

When: July 9, 2009, 6:00 to 7:00 PM

Why: Learn the options available to defend foreclosure

Register: http://bit.ly/15xZoa

Tomorrow’s webinar will teach homeowners facing foreclosure the options they have to save their home and explain the strategies Oppenheim Law utilizes in it’s foreclosure defense.

Other topics covered in tomorrow’s workshop include:

  • Refinancing during foreclosure and the increased odds through mediation
  • Short Sales
  • Increasing home values in South Florida
  • New Florida foreclosure defense bar and what it means for Florida foreclosure
  • Florida Foreclosure attorneys working together on plan appeals
  • Law enforcement workers in foreclosure, public policy implications, and what this means for all of us
  • Homeowner Associations and their decision to foreclose their liens on the Banks

Today is the last day to register. Reserve your seat today: http://bit.ly/15xZoa

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