Zombie Foreclosures Never Die

Tue Mar 3, 2015 by on Florida Law News

If you thought they were gone, think again. The foreclosure phenomenon known as a ‘zombie foreclosure’ has proven that it is here to stay. A zombie foreclosure occurs when homeowners leave their homes when they receive a notice of foreclosure only to find out years later that the bank decided not to foreclose on the property; leaving title in the […]

Class Action Recall Lawsuits Against Big Companies Misrepresenting Facts

Thu Feb 26, 2015 by on Florida Law News

Class-Action Lawsuits Class Action Recall Lawsuits Against Big Companies Misrepresenting Facts Oppenheim Law is currently investigating and evaluating recall claims pertaining to the mislabeling of herbal supplements, vitamins, and nutrients. The New York Attorney General recently sent out cease and desist letters to suppliers who have deliberately, knowingly, recklessly or negligently mislabeled herbal products. This includes products from Wal-Mart’s Spring Valley […]

Should've Been Straightforward, But See How a Clerical Error Put BofA on Wrong End of Foreclosure Case

Tue Feb 3, 2015 by on Florida Law News

The following article was originally written by  Samantha Joseph, for the Daily Business Review with exerpts by Roy Oppenheim. It should have been a straightforward case, but a clerical error put Bank of America on the losing end of a four-year foreclosure case Wednesday. The bank won a final judgment against homeowner Heather Epstein in 2009. By the following year, […]

United States Supreme Court Strays from the Pack with a Crucial Ruling for Borrowers

Thu Jan 22, 2015 by on Florida Law News

The Truth in Lending Act (TILA) gives home loan borrowers a three-day right to rescind, or cancel, a loan transaction. For these first three days, this right is unconditional, without any caveats. After the three days run out, there is a catch; the borrower has the right to rescind only if the lender has failed to satisfy TILA’s disclosure requirements. […]

You Won't Believe What Decided the Fate of Foreclosure Cases at the 4th DCA

Sun Jan 11, 2015 by on Florida Law News

The following article was published in the Daily Business Review and written by Samantha Joseph. The South Florida Law Blog has republished exerpts by Roy Oppenheim. Will botched paperwork affect the outcome of foreclosure appeals? It depends on the judges. The decisions in three cases came down to paperwork and procedure Wednesday before the Fourth District Court of Appeal.