Politicians and Banks At It Again! Bring It On!

In my last blog I railed against the Florida Fair Foreclosure Act, which is making its way rapidly through the Florida Senate as the session winds down.

I said it’s being pushed by banking industry shills and should die a quick death.

So of course it was passed by the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee by a 6-4 vote and will now be headed to a full vote before the House and Senate.

Thanks guys! With friends like that…..

But after a moment of reflection and enlightenment, I have this to say to my friends in Tallahassee.

Bring it On!

That’s right! Pass the Bill.

My phones have not stopped ringing these days, as more and more clients are getting ready to lawyer up.

That’s right this bill will only increase the value I bring to my clients each and every day for without an attorney the Legislature will make sure that the “Florida Fair Foreclosure Act” is fair… for the banks … but not for you.

They will make sure that without counsel that you will be stripped of your right to defend your home. Without counsel the new law will ensure that you will go through a legal system that will resemble a steam roller.

It makes me laugh that the Legislature is entrusting the banks to not commit fraud once again. Because the honor system worked so well the last time.

But its sad that the Legislature is interfering with the independence of the judiciary by telling the courts what to do and how to do it.

Please, please try your best to pass the Florida Fair Foreclosure Act, because all you’ll be doing is making sure I’ll have a new stream of clients to defend, and more importantly be able to help the economy by hiring more people.

Unfortunately it just goes to further my point that the banks will try take advantage of homeowners every chance they get, and you still need representation to fight them.

The banks haven’t learned anything from the robosigning fiasco, and are still trying to find shortcuts. They will do whatever they can and grease any palm in order to make things easier for them.

And unfortunately, there are still plenty of politicians willing to offer one.

So once again to the politicians in Florida’s capital I say, pass the Florida Fair Foreclosure Act. You’re going to do it regardless of what I say.

But remember, I’ll be waiting for you, your enablers– the banks, and so will be my new clients!

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