Spot Light on Real Estate Bail Out Workshop

Watch WSVN Tomorrow for Insider Information on Short Sales, Mortgage Modification & Refinancing

@WSVN’s Daisy Rodriquez spearheads a story on what options homeowners have when it comes to their personal real estate bailout. The Channel 7 News team came to my office on Monday to get my legal perspective on South Florida’s foreclosure crisis and homeowner bailout advice.

While not everyone is in foreclosure, there’s no doubt that a good majority of homeowners have issues; whether it be upside-down on loan to value, mortgage rate adjustments spinning payments out of control, short sale red tape and banking nightmares, or just treading through the simple option of refinancing when the comps are getting killed by neighbor foreclosures.

Reality check: Florida is ranked the second highest foreclosure state in the U.S. and Fort Lauderdale a staggering No. 6 nationwide, there is no shortage of homeowners who need a bailout plan.

What can you do? Watch the segment on WSVN’s Channel 7 http://www.wsvn.com/ scheduled to air tomorrow, Thursday, April 2, 2009.

Or come to my free workshop and get personalized answers.

What: Homeowner Bail Out Workshop
Where: 2500 Weston Road, Suite 404, Weston, Florida.
When: April 2, 2009, 6:00 to 7:00 PM
Cost: Free with Advanced RSVP to roy@gate.net or 954.384.6114

Unless the number of Florida foreclosures slows, the economic crisis in our nation will worsen. However, the good news is, distressed homeowners can take action to avoid or delay foreclosure. They just need to be armed with the right information – and the right Florida legal expertise.

Topics discussed in tomorrow’s real estate bailout workshop include:

  • Florida mortgage modifications, refinancing, and short sales and who qualifies for which option
  • When deed-in-lieu is the best choice
  • When bankruptcy is the only and best option
  • How to negotiate with the bank and avoid deficiency judgment
  • Understanding homeowner legal rights in the foreclosure process
  • Common errors Florida banks are making that could stop foreclosure

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