Sun-Sentinel Highlights Florida Attorney Roy Oppenheim + Strategic Default

Roy Oppenheim Strategic Default Sun-Sentinel

Aside from acting as counsel on short sales, foreclosure defense and strategic defaults, Weston real estate attorney Roy Oppenheim is bestowing a sense relief to South Florida’s underwater homeowners.

As Oppenheim Law mentioned in our Shay’s Rebellion 2.0 Workshop Recap, Sun-Sentinel real estate writer Paul Owers was on hand, working on a feature article of Oppenheim and the firm’s foreclosure defense strategies.

The article highlights Oppenheim Law’s monthly foreclosure defense workshops, explains the firm’s entry into foreclosure defense practice and describes the positive effects Oppenheim Law’s services are providing for homeowners struggling to make their monthly mortgage payments.

Check out the entire Sun-Sentinel article in Oppenheim Law’s Newsroom and be sure to leave your comments below!

Roy Oppenheim Foreclosure Defense Sun Sentinel

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