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Strategic Defaults: CBS and 60 Minutes Follow Oppenheim Law’s Lead

Strategic defaults are here to stay: It’s estimated that at least 1 million homeowners who can afford to pay their mortgage chose to simply walk away last year, according to CBS and 60 Minutes. After doing the math and watching property values shrink in some instances to less than half of what’s owed on a mortgage, homeowners are opting to […]

Must See TV on CBS 4: Best Ways to Get Hired During a Recession, Roy Oppenheim Tells All

Mon Aug 17, 2009 by on Florida Law News

Donald Trump’s famous words: ‘Your Hired!’ Finding a job in a recession takes more than just a resume, Attorney and Law Blogger Roy Oppenheim tells viewers tonight on CBS 4 Neighbors to Neighbors. what it takes to get hired in South Florida. Pouring through hundreds of qualified resumes, emails and messages, Oppenheim tells how to get noticed when the economic […]