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Foreclosure Crisis: Will Government Right This Sinking Ship?

We’ve all been reading with horror about the developing situation in Italy with the Costa Concordia, the cruise ship that capsized last Friday, killing several people. What really caught our attention is the actions of the ship’s captain Francesco Schettino, who reportedly abandoned ship in the middle of the evacuations. He’s been blamed for causing the tragedy by recklessly taking […]

B of A Trading Modifications for Lawsuits

Fri Aug 19, 2011 by on Florida Law News

Good news for underwater homeowners? Possibly. Relaxed modification rules are one way to ensure you stay in your home at a price you will be able to afford. Bank of America is reportedly negotiating with both federal and state governments over limiting the legal liability it took on when it purchased Countrywide in 2008. When Bank of America bought Countrywide, […]