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Steaming Hot: Luxury Home Sales in South Florida

Tue Apr 27, 2021 by on Florida Real Estate & Real Estate

Steaming Hot: Luxury Home Sales in South Florida

Since late last year, residential properties in South Florida ranging from $1 million plus to over $15 million have been selling at incredible pace. Single family sales doubled, with average sales prices increasing 20.1% from $2.55 million to $3.06 million, with all cash deals more than doubling. While high-end condo market sales are arguably outpacing single family home, the overall […]

Florida Real Estate’s Mortal Enemy: Excess Inventories

What is killing Florida real estate? Excess inventories and falling home prices. House prices have been continuously falling for the first time in 70 years, and South Florida homeowners should expect the trend to continue. A surplus inventory of houses caused by Florida foreclosures and short sales is the mortal enemy of home prices. Lower prices are needed to sell […]