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As the space race slows, the race to break up America’s biggest banks gains speed

Thu May 16, 2013 by on Florida Law News

Have you seen the YouTube video of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield singing David Bowie’s “Ground Control to Major Tom” from the International Space Station? The social media loving space man has become a YouTube sensation with more than 10.5 million (yep that’s million) hits and growing. And that’s only within the span of about a week. While the space race […]

Holder: Banks Too Big to Fail and Too Big to Jail

Mon Mar 11, 2013 by on Florida Law News

This article was written for The South Florida Law Blog by Roy Oppenheim. U.S. Attorney Eric Holder, the man charged with upholding the laws of this country, has finally recognized the elephant in the room. During a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting this week, Holder finally admitted what the rest of us have been saying for a long time: There are […]

'Break Up The Banks' is Latest Chart-Topper

Thu Feb 7, 2013 by on Florida Law News

This post by Roy Oppeneim was originally published in Yahoo! Homes and is being redistributed on South Florida Law Blog with their permission. My friends, the drumbeat is growing louder and louder. Each and every day another voice is joining the chorus. Soon, I hope, it will be impossible for even the most devout pro-Wall Street politician to ignore. It’s […]

HSBC Too Big To Jail, Too Big To Nail

Sat Dec 15, 2012 by on Florida Law News

Roy Oppenheim’s commentary was originally published on Yahoo Homes! and is being republished on South Florida Law Blog with their permission. The banks are too big to jail. The Department of Justice, as much as they will try to tell you otherwise, believes it. When push came to shove, prosecutors did not have the stones to do what is right, […]