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FAQs from Oppenheim Law Foreclosure Defense Workshop

If you missed Oppenheim Law’s November foreclosure defense workshop: Toxic Foreclosures and Bank Fraud, you can view the replay on the Oppenheim Law TV Channel or sign up for the December 8th special edition foreclosure defense workshop hosted by Roy Oppenheim. Below are some questions and answers from the workshop: How does a lawyer get the judge to do the […]

Sun Sentinel Cover Story: Underwater Mortgage Relief for Florida Homeowners, Oppenheim Shares His View

Florida foreclosure attorney Roy Oppenheim shared his views with Sun Sentinel real estate reporter Paul Owers and contributed to today’s cover story. In case you missed it, below is an excerpt from the story and a link to the full story. ‘But Roy Oppenheim, a foreclosure defense lawyer in Weston, argues that the government should have given money directly to […]

Strategic Defaults: CBS and 60 Minutes Follow Oppenheim Law’s Lead

Strategic defaults are here to stay: It’s estimated that at least 1 million homeowners who can afford to pay their mortgage chose to simply walk away last year, according to CBS and 60 Minutes. After doing the math and watching property values shrink in some instances to less than half of what’s owed on a mortgage, homeowners are opting to […]