The Power of America's Political Rebirth

Wed Jan 21, 2009 by on Florida Law News

I guess what struck me most yesterday was the knowledge that I was watching and in some ways participating in the largest collective activity in the history of mankind. By all accounts more people watched and attended the Inauguration than any other worldwide event – including the Super Bowl and the Olympics! So the question is why? Sure, we all have the standard answer: First Afro-American elected President of the United States – but it is much more than that.

The sheer number of diverse people on the Mall created this rich imagery that words will NEVER describe. The fact that America, as she has done a few times in history, can completely reinvent herself is what is at the core. In essence, America as a nation gives hope to the rest of the world. We can shed light in corners of the earth where there is darkness. The change that we are seeing unfold before our eyes is truly transformative. The old is broken, which we all somehow knew. Institutions that have existed for years have crumbled, including big Wall Street firms as well as the economy, America’s status and its reputation in the world. We have ignored for too long the costs associated with our over dependence on fossil fuels and have ignored so many socioeconomic issues including the eroding middle class. We have, as a nation, become fat and lazy. We were becoming the frog that does not jump out of the heated pot, until it is too late. But, we did jump out and the WHOLE world was watching.

So along comes President Barack Obama, who embodies these collective doubts and his very look connotes the notion of change. I bet you that in 10 years we will look back at these days and realize the enormity of what we all will have accomplished together. So embrace the moment, and let ‘s all get working together to fix our GREAT nation.