Why All Lawyers Are Not Dirtbags

Mon Feb 1, 2016 by on Florida Law News

Why All Lawyers are not Dirtbags


There’s a difference between #dirtbag lawyers and #dirtlawyers

In response to the 60 Minutes piece that recently aired. Roy Oppenheim has a message to U.S. lawyers helping launder money.


Why All Lawyers Are Not

Dirt Bags

It’s funny as a real estate lawyer we frequently call ourselves dirt lawyers. Thankfully rarely have I been called a “dirtbag”.  Unfortunately, this 60 Minutes UNDERCOVER  piece suggests that  lawyers in general, are dirt bags helping corrupt dictators hide their money in plain site….. in the skylines of NYC and Miami.   In this case, however,  one simple down to earth straight  shooting lawyer, Jeffrey Herrmann, appears to be the new poster child for the type of lawyer  that we all still aspire to be.

Roy Oppenheim:

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