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Who gets the Golden Ticket? Charlie or the Banks?

Financial Times Headline: Caution urged on US bank foreclosure fines Who gets the golden ticket? We all remember the deserving Charlie Bucket inside the chocolate factory of the eccentric chocolatier, Willy Wonka. In the end, Charlie gets the Chocolate Factory and the golden ticket. This week’s Financial Times writer Tom Braithwaite reported a story: Caution urged on US bank foreclosure […]

Foreclosure Aid Makes Headlines, Roy Oppenheim Calls it No Quick Fix, Heartbreaking in Sun Sentinel Cover Story

Really just a band-aid, Florida’s Hardest Hit Program comes at a time of desperate resuscitation. With Florida’s $1 billion foreclosure prevention program just getting underway, South Florida counties lead the state in the amount of applications received, according to numbers released this week by Florida Housing officials. In the program’s first week, 9,439 homeowners across the state applied for funds […]

“Welfare for the Rich” – Matt Taibbi Exposes Disgusting Practices at the Federal Reserve

The question of the decade: Why isn’t Wall Street in jail? In a typical jaw-dropping article for Rolling Stone Magazine The Real Housewives of Wall Street, Matt Taibbi reveals the shocking practices of the Federal Reserve during the Great Recession. With the nation staggering, the Federal Reserve took it upon itself to lend trillions of dollars at nearly zero percent […]

Media Optimism. Spring Good Time to Buy and Sell Florida Real Estate

Will April flowers bring May showers for Florida real estate sales? While some U.S. economists are still singing doom and gloom when it comes to the real estate market, TODAY show contributor and real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran sees some positive signs for prospective buyers and sellers, South Florida Law Blog shares this optimistic outlook. During a recent appearance on […]

Shocker! The Federal Reserve Finds Widespread Problems at Mortgage Servicers

Sat Apr 23, 2011 by on Florida Law News

In a review of the largest mortgage servicers in the country, The Federal Reserve is finally getting a clue as to the shoddy lending practices that South Florida Law Blog has been discussing for years: ● Insufficient oversight, ● Poor corporate governance, ● Improper affidavit and notarization practices, and ● Poor quality control. While The Fed concedes this might have […]

And the Winner is…South Florida Law Blog! Named Best Business and Tech Blog by Sun-Sentinel readers

Wed Apr 20, 2011 by on Roy Oppenheim

South Florida voted, and Oppenheim Law’s South Florida Law Blog came out on top in the category of Best Business and Technology Blog in the 2nd Annual Sun-Sentinel Best of Blogs Awards. Discussing topics like Florida foreclosure defense, homeowners’ rights, real estate tips and trends, and the economy, Oppenheim Law’s foreclosure defense attorneys interpret the latest news and translate what […]

Florida Foreclosure Help Coming Statewide, Oppenheim Law Says Go For It!

Florida foreclosures and good news all in one story? Yes, it is true. A new federally funded program is now accepting applications for mortgage assistance payments in Florida. The Florida Hardest-Hit program pays an applicant’s mortgage for up to six months to help them to focus on finding a job. There is a maximum, however, of $12,000. Also, the program […]

Banks Desperately Seeking Short Sales

There is an interesting practice developing at our nation’s big banks. Borrowers who are in or nearing foreclosure are being offered thousands of dollars to short sale their homes. Some are even being offered $35,000 to get rid of their homes, and quickly. This situation presents an intriguing insight into the way banks are thinking at the moment. Banks would […]