Shocker! The Federal Reserve Finds Widespread Problems at Mortgage Servicers

Sat Apr 23, 2011 by on Florida Law News

In a review of the largest mortgage servicers in the country, The Federal Reserve is finally getting a clue as to the shoddy lending practices that South Florida Law Blog has been discussing for years:

● Insufficient oversight,

● Poor corporate governance,

● Improper affidavit and notarization practices, and

● Poor quality control.

While The Fed concedes this might have resulted in wrongful Florida foreclosures, Oppenheim Law knows that countless foreclosures were filed when they should never have been.

The good news? The Fed is now pursuing formal enforcement actions against the 14 servicers they reviewed. The bad news: it will likely take years before these servicers have to pay for their fraud. Knowing the way the government usually operates, the servicers may never have to pay for their crimes. Perhaps this is the biggest outrage: the government has proven that these servicers perpetrated a massive fraud that has damaged the entire economy and kicked out homeowners who never should have been forced to leave their homes. Yet, the servicers are still operating and making billions!

While we’ve previously implored to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke todo your job!”, we don’t hold out much hope that all mortgage servicers will get the dressingdown they deserve. Nevertheless, we’ll continue to fight for the homeowner, from the trenches.

Roy Oppenheim



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  2. In response to critics of your decision to allow the mortgage servicing companies to hire their own consultants to conduct these reviews, your agencies asserted that you would “ensure that the reviews are comprehensive and the results are reliable.