60 Minutes: Roy Oppenheim Adds #Foreclosure and Homeless to #OccupyWallStreet

Fri Dec 2, 2011 by on Florida Law News

60 Minutes shed light on an alarming statistic: two thirds of Florida homeless families live on the street, many as a result of foreclosure. South Florida Law Blog and Oppenheim Law question the role Wall Street played in moving the staggering 16 million homeless in the U.S. from living on Main Street to living in cars and shelters.

While some underwater homeowners are supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement from the comfort of their own living room in a silent foreclosure protest; other financially fractured families are forced out of their living rooms by the banks to live out of cars by night and blend into the real world by day, with their kids!

South Florida Law Blog shares this 60 minutes segment with you in case you missed it! Read the full story in the Oppeneheim Law newsroom about:

  • Florida’s foreclosure social stigma is ending
  • The systemic arrogance of the banking and Wall Street community
  • Social commentators mocking the Occupy Movement really just don’t get it
  • Bailouts over the past years have benefited only a fraction of society
  • Crony capitalism is not what our founders had in mind and further enlarging a movement that includes not only Occupy Wall Street but Occupy Your Living Room and Occupy Your Car.
As a reminder of a piece we published when the whole foreclosure crisis started: What to tell our childern about foreclosure by Ellen Pilelsky.

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  1. Alberto says:

    I fill very sorry, but if I could do any help, I will, but my Family is living with my retire benefit of $1500.00 at month, I fill lucky to have that, many pepoul do’nt even have those help.