A Personal Special Thanksgiving Message

Mon Nov 22, 2021 by on Holiday Wishes

A Personal Special Thanksgiving Message

For nearly the past three decades, we traditionally write a Thanksgiving message to all of you as Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays because we, as a nation and family, come together.

To begin with,  we are always thankful for each other, our good health, and for having the freedoms we uphold by living in our great country.

However, perhaps more than ever,  the concepts of “thanks” and “giving” are more powerful than ever as we transition from living in to living with a pandemic. As we all recall, during the outset of COVID-19, we had stay at home orders, and food and essential shortages. There was a great migration from urban to rural and suburban areas, with multigenerational families moving closer to and even within one home.

The world has evolved, and life continues to move forward. From the darkest of days at the onset of this pandemic, we now have more information and, with that, hope. We evolved in work by Zoom, and social events like weddings and parties, that had been postponed for a year or so, are now happening. People are traveling again. We have taken to civilian space flights, in our quest to sustain humanity beyond our planet. We have shown as a nation and as a people a tremendous sense of resiliency for which I am thankful.

As a result of our resiliency,  this year, in particular,  the words of “thanks” and “giving” are perhaps more important than ever.

To all those who keep us safe and provide us the freedom that we enjoy every day, a special thanks for all that they give to enable us to have those freedoms.

To our  doctors, nurses, and other front-line workers who continue to risk their lives and sacrifice so much to help people they do not even know, a special thanks for all that they give and the sacrifices they make.

To the scientists and researchers – our emissaries of hope – that continue to break ground in combating COVID-19, a special thanks for continuing to lead the way in combating this pandemic  and for their contributions.

To our teachers, who have had many challenges in teaching remotely and in person during this pandemic, thank you for all that you have done.

To  all of the volunteers who run the food banks and  deliver food to our most vulnerable who are unable to do for themselves,  a special thanks for their giving of themselves to help those in need.

To our wonderful team, most of whom have been with us for two to three decades. To each and every one of you who have helped us transition during this pandemic and continue to rise to the occasion,  a special thank you for all that you do for our firm, our clients, and each other.

To our clients and friends who have afforded us the opportunity to serve the community for more than thirty years, we thank you.

And, finally, to our own family, for which I am eternally grateful. As many of you know, our adult children returned home during the outset of the pandemic, and our granddaughter, Olivia, arrived during that time (perhaps one of the biggest gifts we could have ever received!). This year, we lost our mother/mother-in-law, but we have comfort in and are thankful for all of the time we had with her, and are thankful that she met Olivia, whom she adored.

As we approach Thanksgiving, we hope that  each of you gives special thanks for all that is good in your and your loved one’s lives.

From the Heart and the Trenches,

Ellen and Roy


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