Amazon Stirs Controversy With “Hire a Realtor” Feature

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Amazon Offering a Hire a Realtor Option

Amazon Stirs Controversy With “Hire a Realtor” Feature

Fresh off Amazon’s “biggest day ever” for their third annual Prime Day event, shoppers may have seen a peek of a “Hire a Realtor” page on Amazon’s website. While Amazon has since removed the page for unknown reasons, it has caused a rattling in the real estate world as many try to figure out the implications of the world’s fourth largest company now entering the housing market. According to a report on Amazon’s planned endeavor, the company would allow for the hiring of real estate agents through its growing professional services marketplace.

Amazon enters the housing market with its new hire a realtor service.

(Source: Amazon.com)

A Consumer-Friendly Approach

Already a staple for review-driven consumers looking for products and services, Amazon could be a welcomed place to read reviews on local real estate agents. Similar to how the company works with its service professionals, it is speculated that Amazon would receive real estate referral fees from the agents or firms in exchange for the service.

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