Beyond 2021: The House of the Future

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Beyond 2021: The House of the Future

What will homes of the future look like? While it remains to be seen, the trend is that sustainability and technology will have a tremendous impact as to how we will build and equip our homes. Some of these trends have emerged as a result of the pandemic, others were already in the making. Regardless, homes of the future will look markedly different from today.

What are the top trends?

Environmentally Friendly Nano Garden

Overall, more homes will be built with environmentally friendly materials built to conserve energy and adapt to varying weather conditions. Technology will play an enormous role with appliances, lights and windows not only responding to homeowners’ needs but actually anticipate them enabled by sensors and artificial intelligence that analyze the home’s contents and make changes accordingly. Spaces within the home will change considerably. Garages? With driverless cars, garages may be a thing of the past.

LG’s connected self-driving car of 2030

The car itself may drive the homeowner home, and park itself in an allocated space at the edge of town. Soundproof Booths? The pandemic has shown that many of our homes lack enough quiet, private spaces to let residents take calls and attend video meetings. As a result, we may see soundproof booths built in underused spaces within the home to enable more productive workspaces.

Welcome To The Home Of The Future 

Technology will play a key in the home of the future. Lights may pair with a resident’s device to understand the body and physical environment, know when it is time for bed thereby adjusting the hue and brightness accordingly. Homes, in essence, become preventative care centers as a resident’s circadian rhythm is monitored for improved sleep. Closets? May be replaced by storage boxes which descend from the ceiling as sensors and object recognition technology have cameras that catalog, photograph, and recognize the box’s contents.

Future home technology and gadgets 

Rooms in general will become more multi-purpose through augmented and virtual reality technology. A household member, for instance, could put goggles on to visit a holograph office, while sitting in a room that may also function as a gym or den at different times.

The way that a home is constructed may include mass timber, wrapped in airtight insulation, protecting and thermally isolating the home from temperature variants. As a result, the house will require 50% less energy to cool or heat than a traditional home.

A resurgence in Multifamily Living

During the pandemic, many families, even temporarily, came home to live under one roof. With the high cost of independent living and an increased desire for closeness, many adult returning children are remaining with parents. Many people are purchasing homes that have separate living quarters for their older parents or adult children, redefining the concept of home.

The pandemic coupled with trends that existed pre-pandemic all shape how housing will continue to evolve in the time ahead.

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