Black Swan Haitian Crisis Will Likely Change South Florida Real Estate and Foreclosure

Haitian Crisis Will Likely Change Real Estate Market in South Florida

Haitian's using tents as their homes are destroyed.

At my most recent seminar last week I discussed the possibility of a Black Swan event occurring that would literally change the complexion of the South Florida real estate market. A Black Swan event is something that just can’t be anticipated. At that moment I gave as an example the possibility of tens of thousands of folks from Venezuela fleeing to South Florida from Chavez’s new economic restrictions.

Now it is already anticipated that Haitian refugees will likely be arriving in South Florida over the next several months and likely years. They will need to be housed and be fully integrated into the community.

Further I had discussed that as a nation and as a community, we are blessed with a housing stock or what I call our “Ark”. That Ark of excess vacant housing can now be deployed with the assistance of FEMA and HUD and other governmental programs to help our struggling island neighbors.

Thus, once again not even the best economists could have anticipated the economic impact both good and bad that such an unthinkable crisis can have to a community. I do hope that with so many vacant homes and condos now in South Florida, and many still owned by the Banks, that we will be able to utilize this housing reserve.

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4 responses to “Black Swan Haitian Crisis Will Likely Change South Florida Real Estate and Foreclosure”

  1. Zadok says:

    That will be the day. To believe for even a minute that the bankers will turn over their tangible assets for the good of the very people their eugenics programs seek to eliminate is contrary to the doctrine of the culling of the undesirable “useless eaters” that their entire luciferian agenda is based upon. Kudos for the wishful thinking, but the reality, as harsh as it may sound, is that the refugees from the Haitian earthquake will never see a vacant foreclosed condo out of the kindheartedness of the greedy bringers of destruction that designed the foreclosure scheme. It is sad, but it is the truth, and only reconciling ourselves with the truth shall set us free and give us eyes to see and ears to hear.
    May God keep us all.

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