Breaking bad zombie mortgages? .. Better call Roy!

Mon Nov 25, 2013 by on Florida Law News

Three reasons why you’d “Better Call  Saul” from “Breaking Bad” or Roy when it comes to “Zombie Mortgages.”

  1.   Stand your ground if served by foreclosure. Never move out. Have lots of options and time.” Better call Roy.”
  2.   What is a zombie property? Foreclosure was dismissed or thrown out or the bank lost the case? Mortgage lien remains on the property. Can’t sell it because you can’t get title insurance? What to do? Maybe you can  live there or rent it out. “Better call Roy.”
  3.   What is a zombie foreclosure?  Foreclosure that bank filed and just lingers? What to do? What to do? “Better call Roy”What happens if bank refiles the foreclosure and the 5 year statute of limitations has expired? “Better call Roy.”


Real Estate and Foreclosure Defense Attorney, Roy Oppenheim

Real Estate and Foreclosure Defense Attorney, Roy Oppenheim

Oppenheim Law’s practice areas include real estate and defending homeowners and investors from foreclosure, arranging short-sales, loan modifications, commercial litigation, and business related matters. Roy is also the creator of the South Florida Law Blog, named the best business and technology blog by the Sun-Sentinel. Connect with Roy on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and YouTube .