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Every year at this time, I take a few minutes to reflect on the year and give thanks for all the good there is in the world.

And it is for that reason that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as it has been for some time. Of course, when I was a kid Chanukah was my favorite holiday between lighting the menorah,the gifts and the memories that would be evoked year after year.

So it is remarkably fitting as I begin to mark the one year anniversary of my dad’s passing that both Thanksgiving and Chanukah will fall on the same day for my dad passed away during Chanukah.  I don’t recall these two holidays EVER falling on the same day  and in fact they won’t again for more than 79,000 years!

What is most interesting about both holidays is that they involve family based rituals: Chanukah involves  families getting together, lighting the menorah each night, giving gifts , and eating certain foods like potato latkes (potato pancakes) . Thanksgiving of course includes at least two of those rituals namely eating certain foods and the gathering of family.  So this Thanksgiving will be the only time in our lifetimes that we celebrate both holidays  at the same time.   It will be a culinary experience  to eat turkey and latkes at the same meal.

Most importantly though these two  holidays  are very similar in that they reflect on religious freedom and the right to self-determination, and self-expression  as a people.  So on that note I am thankful for those freedoms  and hope each of you will find something to be thankful for at this  favorite time of year.

On behalf of my family, and all those who are part of my team, we wish you and your loved one only the very best on this Thanksgivukkah.





Roy D. Oppenheim,




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