Catch First Episode “From the Trenches” Airing Now

Thu May 12, 2011 by on Florida Law News

When will Florida see the sunny side of real estate again? Find out what the attorney, developer and media think.

The first episode of Oppenheim Law’s new talk show “From the Trenches” is now live on Oppenheim Law’s You Tube Channel.

Real estate attorney and award-winning legal blogger Roy Oppenheim joined guests CBS4 Chief Investigative Reporter Stephen Stock and Real Estate Developer Patrick Sessions in front of a live studio audience last night for a lively and in-depth discussion of the past, present and future of South Florida real estate.

The attorney, developer and reporter offer first hand experiences and opinions on what they have done and what it will take to make it in this market.

The three experts go in depth to South Florida’s real estate market, discussing where the market is today, where we are headed in the coming months and the steps homeowners need to take advantage of for crafting a personal bailout.

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