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Moral Hazard v. Mitigation: What will be the response to COVID-19 Foreclosures?

Moral Hazard v Mitigation What will be the response to COVID-19 Foreclosures

As the Coronavirus pandemic unfortunately continues, a substantial number of U.S. homeowners are struggling to pay their mortgages. With nearly half the U.S. population jobless,  4.6 million American homeowners were in some type of non-repayment as of last month which signals that the number of those not being able to pay their mortgage will only increase. As a result, the […]

How To Restart School In COVID-19?

Thu Jul 16, 2020 by on Coronavirus

How To Restart School In COVID-19 SFLB

How To Restart School In COVID-19? Going back to school during COVID-19…is it safe? What are the options? What are the greater implications of school openings during this pandemic? With Special Guests Karen Powers – Retired School Principal and educator for 36 years. and James Conway, a parent with nearly three years of experience homeschooling his son, Troy, who will […]