FEMA To Use Foreclosed Homes During Hurricane Season

Wed Jun 17, 2009 by on Florida Foreclosures

With the brunt of hurricane season fast approaching, the Associated Press has reported FEMA is considering a plan to use vacant foreclosure properties as a source of emergency housing for hurricane evacuees.

In an interview with the AP, Roy Oppenheim shared his opinion on FEMA’s proposal. He also added more information during a video interview, which can be found on his foreclosure YouTube channel.

“This is an idea we have been talking about for over a year because it‘s so logical,” said Oppenheim. “If Noah hadn’t built the ark, the animals wouldn’t have had any place to go. We need to have this excess housing stock as our national ark for problems that may arise down the road.”

Read on for the entire AP story on FEMA’s plan to use foreclosed homes during hurricanes.

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One response to “FEMA To Use Foreclosed Homes During Hurricane Season”

  1. Jamal Hack says:

    This idea sounds real good in theory. However, I hope that the cost of using these properties will be used to off-set outstanding indebtness in favor of the homeowners.