Instant Replay! UStream TV Brings Oppenheim Law Workshop Live! April’s Short Sale + Foreclosure Defense Workshop in Review

Home on a Stack of Cash

Live from Ustream, it’s Roy Oppenheim with an instant replay available for the next 48 hours!

On a night when Oppenheim Law broadcast its monthly Foreclosure Defense Workshop to over 100 viewers on UStream, the primary message from real estate attorney and legal blogger Roy Oppenheim was one of opportunity and hope.

As we continue to roll through 2010, dubbed “The Year of the Short Sale” by Oppenheim, it is important to remember homeowners always have rights, no matter your financial situation, and options always exist for defending yourself and your home.

April’s workshop was full of advice on executing short sales, avoiding deficiency judgments, defending foreclosure and protecting your assets and rights. We’ve put together a summary of Oppenheim’s main messages, and look forward to seeing you at the next workshop scheduled for May 5 whether in person or online!

  • Sluggish Mortgage Servicers – The government’s Making Home Affordable program is not going to solve this real estate and financial crisis. Banks are too slow and too reluctant to provide homeowners adequate relief.
  • Short Sale Savings – Short Sales have emerged as an effective way to avoid foreclosure and save homeowners’ credit, and the government’s new short sale incentives will increase this effectiveness.
    • Oppenheim Law has already executed four short sales for clients THIS WEEK, by the time of the workshop Wednesday night, while successfully defending costly deficiency judgments.
  • Cash vs. Pennies – Banks are encouraged to approve short sales and receive immediate cash relief as opposed to modifying loans and earning pennies on the dollar of their initial investments.

    • Case in Point – Oppenheim highlighted a letter from Selene Finance offering to pay homeowners $20,000 for moving expenses if they can execute a short sale.
  • Oppenheim Law has negotiated reductions in deficiency judgments by as much as 80-85%.

    We look forward to hearing your comments on April’s workshop and hope to see you all on May 5 for our next event. Until then, you can check out a replay of the workshop on Oppenheim Law’s UStream Channel. The video will be available through Friday, April 9 at 5 PM EST.

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