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The K shaped Economy: The End to Mortgage Relief Programs and the Housing Boom

The K shaped Economy: The End to Mortgage Relief Programs and the Housing Boom

The COVID-19 pandemic has created two distinct real estate market forces. One involves what will happen once the mortgage forbearance relief programs end while the other involves the current housing boom. While no one can negate the seriousness of the pandemic, there are those that liken the real estate market as “A Tale of Two Cities”: for as many of […]

Strategies to Renegotiate Loans and Debts During COVID-19

Strategies to Renegotiate Loans and Debts During COVID-19

Whether you wish to re-watch or you were unable to attend yesterday’s  Zoom in At Noon webinar, “Strategic Default: How It is Different from the Great Recession and Strategies to Renegotiate Loans and Debts”, below is a recorded video: We hope that you will be able to attend next week’s free webinar, “Deeper Dive into COVID-19’s Impact on South Florida […]

“Interest”-ing: Low Rates and Refinancing

Thu Aug 8, 2019 by on Loan Modification

“Interest”-ing: Low Rates and Refinancing

Trade Tensions and Stock Scares: In yet the latest escalation of trade tensions between China and the United States, this past weekend President Trump announced America will impose a 10% tariff on $300 billion of Chinese goods and China responded by suspending its purchase of US agricultural products and lowering the value of the yuan, its currency, to its weakest […]

Shoddy Paperwork Haunts Private Student Loan Lenders

Student Loan Lenders Drop the Ball on Paperwork

Shoddy Paperwork Haunts Private Student Loan Lenders   In a not-so-surprising development, the shoddy transfer paperwork that has consistently dogged lenders in the mortgage foreclosure space is now rearing its head in the debt collection arena — largely in the area of private student loan debt. At Oppenheim Law, during the foreclosure crisis, we consistently saw mortgage lenders unable to […]

House Flippers Getting Mortgage Relief? Obama Expands HAMP

Homes need to be occupied. That is the bottom line. Today’s housing market needs a dramatic overhaul and it’s been long overdue for a fix. So we don’t have the time to be contemplating moral hazards anymore. So I’m OK with President Obama extending mortgage assistance to owners of multiple homes. According to Bloomberg, the administration will open up the […]

Restoring Equity a Reality! Underwater Homeowners Have Hope

From Urban Legend to Reality: Ocwen Offers Serious Principal Reduction Meaningful principal reduction used to be an urban legend compounded by scamsters. And until recently, Florida homeowners were probably more likely to spot Bigfoot than find a lender willing to forgive a significant portion of their residential first mortgage through a loan modification. But earlier this month, Ocwen Financial Corp. […]

Principal Reduction: Why Banks Don’t Do It More + What’s Wrong With It

There are quite a few people who advocate principal reduction as the best way to get out of the housing crisis. Their arguments were succinctly laid out and analyzed in an Atlanta Federal Reserve white paper. Advocates of such a policy argue that it would be cheaper for banks to reduce the principal of a loan to the current value […]