Learn About Short Sales and Avoiding Deficiency Judgments: Free Workshop March 3

Short sales are emerging as a formative foreclosure defense strategy, according to Florida real estate attorney and legal blogger Roy Oppenheim.

Join Oppenheim Law at the next Free Legal Real Estate Workshop on Wednesday, March 3, as Oppenheim explains how short sales can prevent Florida deficiency judgments and provides insider tips for buying and selling Florida real estate in this turbulent market.

What: Short Sales, Deficiency Judgment + More: Free Legal Workshop

When: Wednesday, March 3, 2010 – 6:00 to 7:00 PM

Who: Homeowners facing foreclosure, real estate professionals, buyers and sellers

Where: 2500 Weston Road, Suite 404, Weston, FL 33331

Cost: Free with advanced registration

RSVP: To register email roy@oplaw.net or call 954.384.6114

For more information visit the Oppenheim Law News Room to access all of the event’s details. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions for the workshop.

Oppenheim Law looks forward to seeing you all on Wednesday, March 3rd.

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4 responses to “Learn About Short Sales and Avoiding Deficiency Judgments: Free Workshop March 3”

  1. tCA says:


    What’s the likelihood of having a non-recourse mortgage in FLA? We “invested” in new construction that was originally financed by Pulte Mortgage in 2005 before being sold to Chase shortly the close. Calling up Chase, they say it’s non-recourse. We’re trying to find the words “recourse” or “non-recourse” or something to that effect in the closing documents. I know Florida is a recourse state. Any perspective is greatly appreciated!


    • RoyOppenheim says:

      We appreciate your comment!

      In response to your question about recourse and non-recourse mortgages in Florida, it all depends on if you signed the note personally. If YOU DID… it’s recourse. Unless for some very unusual circumstances. Your best option is to show it to a lawyer to know for sure.

  2. tCA says:

    Thanks, Roy! We signed personally. I was shocked when Chase said it was non-recourse. I’m trying to get clarification and directed to where in the closing documents it says non-recourse. If/when we need some paid for legal advice, are you able to quarterback that for us? We’re in MN and have that “investment” property in Ft. Myers.

  3. Alfredo says:

    Hi tCA, Roy is handling the defense of our investment condo foreclosure in Ft. Myers now values at less that 1/3 the amount of our loan, while we try to do a short sale. He can handle it, trust me. To get a short sale you’ll need time because the banks do not want them. Apparently they found a way to get kickbacks on appraisal fees, and other stuff involved in the short sales that they don’t want us to know, and make a killing that way, and the bank will try and screw you quickly into foreclosure and take months on end to go through with a short sale (scum bags!). Roy stops them on their tracks