Local Governments Are Playing “Shell Games” With Our Property Taxes That Will Push More Homes Into Foreclosure

Property Tax Shell Games

Weren’t you surprised when you opened your mailbox? Most folks were stunned when they received their estimated real estate tax bill over the past few weeks. Like me, they justifiably expected that their property taxes would go down as their assessed values for their property decreased. However, this was not the case as the property taxes either stayed the same or even increased. According to the Sun Sentinel, towns and cities in Broward County (except Fort Lauderdale and Parkland) are playing a little “shell game” by increasing the millage rate (that means the tax percentage rate) to compensate for the drastic decrease in the value of real estate in South Florida. Because of these “shell games,” homeowner’s mortgage escrows will actually increase which will then cause more homes to go into foreclosure. Our local governments just don’t get it! Why can’t local governments do with less? Why can’t our elected officials tighten their belts as we all have had to do over the past few years? Most governments are bloated with excess fat that can always be trimmed. The bottom line is that increased millage rates will not solve the problem but will only make it worse. Until we elect our kids into office and bring in a new generation that was brought up in these times: NOTHING will change… plain and simple.

Click Here to View Interactive Map of Proposed Tax Rates by City in Broward County

Roy Oppenheim

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2 responses to “Local Governments Are Playing “Shell Games” With Our Property Taxes That Will Push More Homes Into Foreclosure”

  1. Camulcahey says:

    My assessment went down 27% and my taxes are due to go up either 9% or 19% depending on budget approval.

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