Miami/Fort Lauderdale Top 20 Healthiest Housing Market

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The news isn’t all about Florida foreclosures and short sales…three Florida markets actually have good news to report.

Miami Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville and Bradenton/Sarasota/Venice

Not just one, but three Florida markets were included in the top 20 healthiest real estate markets in the United States – encouraging news for Florida homeowners or future buyers.

Builder Online released it’s bi-annual 2011 Top 20 list of healthiest housing markets, and three Florida markets made the list, with both Miami-Fort Lauderdale/Pompano Beach and Jacksonville cracking the top five.

The numbers were first released last March, but since then they’ve seen a great deal of changes to the housing forecast, and there has been a great deal of turnover to their top housing markets. In fact all three Florida markets now featured in their findings weren’t on the list at ALL! Only one Florida city cracked the initial list, Naples, and it has since dropped out of the Top 20. Texas and North Carolina dominated their 1st 2011 list, according to them because of Carolina’s population growth and Texas’s oil economy.

But Builder Online cites the still struggling employment market and a double-dip in home prices as the reason why many on the first list didn’t maintain their position.

This most recent update is compiled from forward projections for housing growth in 2012, which is why prospective home buyers In Florida can find some hope. Builder Online used projections from Moody’s Economy.com on jobs, price appreciation, population growth, and income growth in naming their most stable markets.

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