Mother’s Day 2022 Message

Sat May 7, 2022 by on Personal Message

Dear Friends:

In 1849, the French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr penned “The more things change, the more things stay the same.”

While we all may not entirely agree with this quote, especially in these uncertain times, for me,  the underlying concept of family does not necessarily change regardless of  life’s challenges. And, despite those challenges,  on this upcoming Mother’s Day, we give special tribute to  our moms (and all of those out there) who create this sense of  stability and consistency in our lives.

While a tad early, last week, our family celebrated Mother’s Day at a restaurant, as we had the opportunity of being with our children and granddaughter, who live out of state. While this Mother’s Day remains difficult for me as  I lost my mom last year,  the pianist at the restaurant coincidentally played mom’s favorite song (“My Way,” by Frank Sinatra), and I believe it was a signal that she was present.

While global, domestic, and economic  challenges persist and while the pandemic may be considered  endemic,  our concept of home and our parental roles remain as a consistent, resilient foundation more so than ever before.

This Mother’s Day is a special tribute to my mom  (and all of those out there) who put family first. As many of you may know, my mom was our firm’s first bookkeeper thirty-two years ago,  helping us form its foundation, and  will always remain a constant in my heart and mind.

For all of us moms (and parents in general)  who continue to face challenges,  had to take on new roles, and  for all of us  who experienced the greatest joys and losses within our own homes this past year, we celebrate this Mother’s Day because we have evolved due to our resiliency and our foundation:  family.

From our home to yours, we celebrate all those who made and continue to make a difference in our lives.

From the heart,

Ellen B. Pilelsky

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