In Celebration of National Take Your Dog to Work Day

Tue Jun 19, 2018 by on News

Oplaw National Dog Day - Winslow

Oplaw National Dog Day - Winslow

This Friday is the 20th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day.  Originally designed to raise awareness of pet adoptions, this special day has taken on special meaning as mental health issues in the work place have dramatically increased.

Pets Help Conquer That “Ruff” Day at the Office

Across professions, the mental health of employees has become a national topic.  In the legal profession, pet-friendly workplace policies have become commonplace.  In our practice areas of real estate law, corporate and business law, commercial litigation, and health law, we have seen that  having a dog in the office is a morale booster because it is easier to remain calm and rational when Winslow is around. In fact studies show that having a dog in the work place lowers blood pressure, and decreases anxiety.

Assuming that an employer is able to adopt a pet friendly environment, there are business and employment issues to consider.  While special laws exist for service animals, employers must take into account the dog’s overall temperament.

So, this Friday let us salute our pets and celebrate National Take Your Dog to Work Day.  Winslow, our dog and office mascot, will be at our law firm in Weston if you wish to stop by.

On behalf of all dog lovers,

Ellen Pilelsky


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