News Embargo? Americans Protest, Occupy Wall Street

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What happens when Congress treats Wall Street and the banks as though they are a fourth branch of the government? Protests, demonstration and police bullying?

While New Yorkers attempt a peaceful protest aimed at the big banks, NYPD officers bully, choke and drag those attempting to rally at the Occupy Wall Street demonstration.

This past week a number of my readers and friends asked me to comment on the embargo instituted by the American mainstream press of the protests and sit-ins that have been occurring on Wall Street. On Saturday, those protests started to turn ugly. I have patiently waited for the story to break, looking for some newspaper courageous enough to run the story, scouring everything from the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel to, heaven forbid, the Wall Street Journal.

In fact, over breakfast this Sunday morning, my family and I had a conversation about sometimes judging the news media, and those who control it, by what is not reported as opposed to what is. So I leave to you, my faithful readers, to watch a few of these video clips and to judge for yourselves. Occupy Wall Street ; New York City Protest

I do know one thing – protests take on many manifestations in America. They can consist of the thousands who have decided to “Occupy Wall Street” or they can consist of the literally millions of Americans who have decided to embark on a sort of “Shay’s Rebellion 2.0” from their very own homes; a rebellion I have discussed from time to time over the past 36 months in videos, interviews and in this very blog.

When Americans have decided that enough is enough, and are willing to sacrifice their credit scores to fashion their own bailout – like the banks did themselves – that too is a form of protest. It is a protest no different than when the original Colonists met in 1765 on Wall Street at the Stamp Act Congress to assert their utter dissatisfaction at the idea that the Colonists would have to pay a tax to Great Britain for all printed materials.

Interestingly even Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York recently voiced his concern that there was a potential for widespread demonstrations in the United States if in fact the economy continues to falter. Undoubtedly frustration amongst the American public is continuing to grow at the failure of our most widely esteemed institutions such as Congress, the executive branch and the judiciary, as well as our banking institutions and Wall Street.

For those who have been ignoring the truth, we are starting to see a true crack in the social fabric: poverty rates are soaring, particularly among children and minorities; unemployment is over ten percent in most places and much higher for young people, minorities and the long-term unemployed; and the middle class is quickly vanishing. This is not the America in which I grew up in the Bronx, nor is it the America I plan to leave to my children or grand children.

I still believe, and will continue to say this time and again, that until Congress stops treating Wall Street and the banks as though they are a fourth branch of the government, nothing will get better. I suggest you all stay tuned.

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Roy Oppenheim

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