Oppenheim Law Brings Class Action Suits Against the Banks

Enough is enough.Oppenheim Law Class Action Against Banks

Oppenheim Law, along with a team of lawyers, recently brought a series of class action suits against various banks alleging the banks charged improper fees at closing. Specifically, these banks have been accused of the unlicensed practice of law for charging documentary preparation fees in connection with their mortgages.

Interestingly, the Florida Supreme Court recently heard arguments concerning this practice and we invite you to watch fellow counsel argue this case.

Ultimately because the state and federal government have woefully failed to regulate banking institutions, in part because of their cozy relationship between the banks, lobbyists, regulators and politicians, these class actions will send a strong message to the banks that their morally bankrupt conduct needs to change.

As Oppenheim Law continues to defend Florida foreclosures, we will invite you to participate in various class actions where together we identify systemic, unfair and deceptive trade practices by the banks.

If you believe you have a set of facts that arises to the potential of a class action, we invite you to contact us by email.

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