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Paragard IUD Broke

Teva Pharmaceuticals Paragard Lawsuit | Do Not let your Guard Down according to Medical Experts

Teva Pharmaceuticals is currently the only manufacturer to produce a non-hormonal IUD called Paragard. This IUD has been used to prevent pregnancy without having to resort to hormone-based solutions or surgeries without reversal. Despite the IUDs effectiveness at preventing pregnancy, Teva Pharmaceuticals has recently had to shield themselves against accusations that Paragard has risks that are not told explicitly to users, such as the breaking of a piece of the IUD during removal . The arm of this plastic T-shaped device can break and remain inside a woman’s uterus, requiring an additional removal procedure to extract the broken arm.

Paragard Lawsuit

Paragard Lawsuit

In addition to the fact that women need to go through an unnecessary procedure to remove the broken piece, a fractured Paragard arm can, by itself, cause multiple complications: uterine infections, cramping and irritation, bleeding, and even perforation of the uterine wall. Furthermore, the surgery to remove the Paragard arm has potential side effects within of its own such as migration of the device to adjacent organs and compromising a woman’s ability to give vaginal deliveries during childbirth, or worse, potentially losing the ability to give birth entirely.  There is also the possibility that, as the Open Journal of Medical Reports published a study in 2015 that  in three cases studied,  broken IUD pieces could not possibly be extracted and were left inside the patients’ body. The same study also concluded that in some cases of in-office removals, fractures may be “unavoidable” and that although defective Paragard IUDs are rare, they are still underreported.

It is also worth noting that pregnancies can still happen while using a Paragard IUD, even if it is extremely rare. If a non-ectopic pregnancy were to occur while using Paragard, it is important to remove the IUD as leaving it inside can cause complications. However, if the Paragard IUD were to break during removal, the patient would then need to go through a total of two removal procedures. Removing the IUD itself comes with the risk of causing a miscarriage, and potentially having to undergo an additional removal procedure could have been  avoided had Teva Pharmaceuticals designed a non- defective IUD.

Paragard IUD Lawsuit

Paragard IUD Lawsuit

Is there a class action lawsuit against paragard?

Ideus’s Tragedy

In 2019, Teva Pharmaceuticals faced a much-publicized lawsuit in which a woman, Stephanie Ideus, argued that during an IUD removal procedure, an arm of the device broke away from the stem, and remained in her uterus. After going through an additional removal procedure, she filed a lawsuit claiming that Teva Pharmaceuticals failed to warn her about this possibility in their “Information for Patients” brochure. Despite Teva Pharmaceuticals arguing that it did warn about the possibility of this happening, there has been no proof that they did warn about how often this happens, giving substantial momentum to the claim that they, by the very least, did not adequately warn patients of the risks of using a Paragard IUD.

paragard iud class action lawsuit 2019

Paragard iud class action lawsuit ?

Repairing Damages

Although there is yet to be a class action suit regarding Paragard, two cases against Teva Pharmaceuticals cases have already been settled, so do not hesitate in taking action. If you have had a Paragard IUD implanted, and either had the Paragard IUD arm break, have had the IUD removed entirely or been advised to do so by a medical professional, or been advised that it will not be possible to remove the IUD for the next 10 years, you may qualify for financial compensation.

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