Prominent Florida Foreclosure Defense Firm Oppenheim Law Announces Deferred Payment Plan for U.S. Government Employees Affected by Historic Government Shutdown

Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Attorneys

Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Defense Attorneys look to ease the government employees affected by the current shutdown by helping them with their foreclosure and housing needs, and deferring payment for such services until they return to work

Ellen Pilelsky and Roy Oppenheim, co-founders of Oppenheim Law, announce today that due to the historic government shutdown, their firm will assist government employees and their families affected by the government shutdown with their foreclosure and housing needs, deferring payment until the government shutdown is over and government workers return to work.

Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Provide Relief and Hope

Ms. Pilelsky, Managing Partner, stated that “Regardless of one’s feelings about the Wall, we, at Oppenheim Law, believe that it is our civic duty to assist those individuals and families that have patriotically chosen a career in public service.”

Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Attorneys

Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Attorneys

Simply put, payments for services rendered in defending a government workers home will be deferred, until such individuals are paid by the government. Mr. Oppenheim, a well-recognized Fort Lauderdale foreclosure attorney added, “No one really thought that the government shut down would continue so long. It now appears that a number of these folks will not be able to meet their rent and mortgage obligations due to the protraction of this historic crisis.” Further Mr. Oppenheim stated, “As our family recently traveled during the holidays, I took the time to thank the TSA workers who I knew were working and not getting paid. It was at that moment that I realized that we, as a firm, could help mitigate the current crisis in some small way.”

If you are a United States government worker affected by the shutdown and need legal assistance with foreclosure or housing needs, the contact information for Oppenheim Law is:

Oppenheim Law
2500 Weston Rd, Suite 404
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33331
Email: contactus@oplaw.net
Website: https://www.oppenheimlaw.com

From the trenches,

Roy D. Oppenheim

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