Roy Oppenheim Guest Spot on “Secrets of Asset Protection” Show – Discusses FL Foreclosure and Short Sales

Many times Florida homeowners make decisions regarding their assets before being served with a foreclosure complaint. Unfortunately, 97% of homeowners do nothing to protect themselves or their assets before and during the foreclosure process, according to South Florida Real Estate Attorney and legal blogger Roy Oppenheim.

Oppenheim met with Asset Protection Attorney Douglass Lodmell to share how Oppenheim Law guides South Florida homeowners through defending themselves and their homes and helps them fashion their own economic bailouts.

“We frequently represent individuals who are professionals and have done everything right in the traditional path to wealth in this nation,” Oppenheim said. “And now because certain institutions that we have all respected for so many years failed us, we are seeing these individuals have to figure out how to deal with getting out of their tricky financial situation.”

The current system, including banks, Congress, the President and the Courts, is failing American homeowners according to Oppenheim and Lodmell.

Oppenheim describes how his firm navigates through the current system to protect homeowners’ rights during the foreclosure process.

Check out the video below for the entire interview and we look forward to reading your comments and answering any questions.

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One response to “Roy Oppenheim Guest Spot on “Secrets of Asset Protection” Show – Discusses FL Foreclosure and Short Sales”

  1. Colleen Crandall says:

    SUPERB! am sending this blog site to several friends! Hilghy valuable PERSPECTIVE! Please (in future interviews) give SPECIFICS AND EXAMPLES of how defending foreclosures can benefit the real estate holder and insight/examples of how to fashion your own workout.