Roy Oppenheim's Summer School for Homeowners

Sat Jun 25, 2011 by on Florida Law News

The Florida real estate report cards are out and homeowner summer school is in session, another series From The Trenches with Roy Oppenheim.

“The foreclosure crisis is not over!” says Florida Real Estate Attorney Roy Oppenheim. “Over-crowded court systems, high chronic unemployment and excessive government debt are three major problems that will prevent a real estate recovery anytime soon.”


What should the Florida homeowner do?

In a collection of short two-to-three minute segments designed with the Florida homeowner in mind, Oppenheim covers critical headline topics concerning Florida foreclosure defense, housing and homeownership, making it easy for viewers to understand these complex real estate issues.

Oppenheim’s Summer School real estate series:

The State of Florida’s Real Estate Market

How to do a Short Sale by Roy Oppenheim

How to Plan a Florida Strategic Default

Florida Foreclosure Defense: What does it mean?

How to Avoid a Florida Deficiency Judgment

Paying Down Second Mortgages at a Substantial Discount


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