Snow, Egypt, Super Bowl Sunday and the Real Estate Countdown

January is historically a sleepy month stemming from the holiday hangover. But this year the first month of the year closed with a crash of economic, political and severe-weather related events that put the world in a freeze frame.

February started with a continued roar as events continue to unfold. Super Bowl Sunday is notable for two reasons: it is a social escape and also typically marks a turning point in real estate activity.

So what should we expect? For starters, a parade of new foreclosures will flood the market in the coming months as banks get their documents in order. Next, it is safe to say the global “tweet goes on”, as political unrest in the Middle East might just be the new normal as social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook play even bigger roles on the internal stage.

At Oppenheim Law, we are watching the situation closely and sharing new strategies for buying, selling, investing or even walking away from real estate in 2011. Join us for yet another black-swan themed event on Wednesday February 9th at 6:00 pm for the monthly Short Sale and Foreclosure Real Estate Workshop sponsored by Oppenheim Law and Weston Title via webcast or come in person.

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One response to “Snow, Egypt, Super Bowl Sunday and the Real Estate Countdown”

  1. Anonymous says:

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