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REMICS – The New Vehicle for Banks to Defraud Taxpayers

Thu May 5, 2011 by on Florida Law News

As Florida real estate slowly pulls itself out of the foreclosure fraud files; there is finally a government agency standing up to the bully of banks! The IRS. Last week, Reuters News Service published an exclusive article exposing yet another way the banks have been defrauding taxpayers. This time it wasn’t directly through improper lending practices, robo-signing or bad assignments […]

The Stunning Hypocrisy In Foreclosures: Scott Pelley Interviews Robo-Signers

In an eye-opening piece by 60 Minutes this week, Scott Pelley managed to actually interview robo-signers who had forged documents that allowed banks to foreclose on thousands of homes illegally. As we have discussed over the past few years, these document mills re-created the necessary documents that banks were too lazy to keep track of in the heyday of the […]

USA Today: Roy Oppenheim on Foreclosure Filings Nose Dive

In today’s USA Today article titled “Foreclosures take biggest dive in years in November,” Roy Oppenheim comments that in light of recent events, foreclosure judges have begun processing foreclosure cases more slowly. Julie Schmit reports that U.S. foreclosure filings fell more last month than in the last five years after several large banks halted foreclosures amidst widespread allegations of robo-signers […]