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Wed Nov 19, 2014 by on Florida Law News

Real Estate Rumor Mill

Take note:  Rumor has it from a highly-credentialed source that the retired South Florida  ‘Judges’ appointed about 6 years ago to come out of retirement are yet, retiring again.

Once again, what started as a special division to push foreclosures in Florida through the judicial system more quickly has come to a screeching halt!

As legislation would have it, there are NO funds in the budget to renew the ‘part-time, old-timers’ contracts to keep the foreclosure housing crisis flowing quickly through the system. Senior judges are no longer afforded the special allocations.

Yet, the foreclosures in Florida are still causing plenty of legal issues with robo-signer redux as discussed in the New York Times.

 In the trenches –

Trends in the judicial landscape as it relates to Florida foreclosures called the infamous  ‘rocket-docket’ ends and hopefully the foreclosure housing nightmare will wind down in 2015. Yet, with defiency judgements still looming,  homeowners need to “stand their ground” and be legally prepared as the debt collectors try and re-foreclose on already foreclosed properties.

In this video, Roy Oppenheim speaks about the end of the year judicial changes happening, now. Adjudicating foreclosure jurisprudence to reaffirm the rule of law with good judicial decisions making a comeback.

Happy retirement; again, foreclosure Judges.

In The Trenches,

Roy Oppenheim

Roy Oppenheim

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