The banks invocation of the ‘Wall Street Rule’

Mon Apr 13, 2015 by on Florida Law News

Part II: Five Year Statute of Limitations Series “The banks invocation of the ‘Wall Street Rule'”

In part two of this video series Roy Oppenheim discusses the banks invocation of the “Wall Street Rule” when it comes to foreclosure and the statute of limitations. Discussing the legal fiction that is “de-acceleration” and how it is being enforced by some lower courts in Florida. Explaining the motivation behind the courts decisions, specifically the threat by the American Legal and Financial Network that if the courts if the court side with the homeowners it would “discourage lenders from lending.” Roy Oppenheim reviews the hijacking of the legislative function and the current state of statute of limitations litigation in Florida.


Tags: banks, five year statute of limitations, Florida Supreme Court, real estate defense attorney, Wall Street Rule