EXTRA! EXTRA!: New York Times puts foreclosure statute of limitations front and center

Thu Apr 9, 2015 by on Florida Law News

Part 1: Burning Issues Regarding the Foreclosure Five Year Statute of Limitations and Who it Affects

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In part one of his two part video series Roy Oppenheim discusses the burning issue regarding the foreclosure five year statute of limitations rule and who it affects. 

Citing to a recent New York Times article which brought the uncertainty about the statute of limitations to national headlines, Roy explains how the statute of limitations was meant to be applied. Explaining that the statute begins to run when the bank sends an acceleration letter or when they file a foreclosure lawsuit. Exploring the different cases to which the five year statute of limitations will apply, such as cases which are interrupted by a bankruptcy or a dismissal. Roy Oppenheim is putting people on notice about how the statute of limitations may affect their foreclosure.




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