4 Astonishing Reasons We've Lost America's Trust in the United States Judicial System

Thu Mar 26, 2015 by on Florida Law News

The transformation of the United States from a democratic-republic to an oligarchy where the wealthy elites yield most of the power.

Pay attention to the candidates in the US election 2016 and not your affiliated party

Roy Oppenheim examines the 4 reasons behind the sudden decline of trust in the in the judicial system. Citing recent articles from the New York Times, Gallup Poll results, a Readers Digest survey, and a study conducted by Princeton University, this video highlights the transformation of the United States from a democratic republic to an oligarchy where the wealthy elites yield most of the power. Mr. Oppenheim introduces people to the Wall Street Rule, the new version of the Golden Rule in the United States. What is the Wall Street Rule? It’s simple—Wall Street rules.


He further discusses how the shift in power from the many to the few has been evidenced by high rates of nepotism in American politics. Mr. Oppenheim’s goal is to show the average American that they can regain power through the judicial system and electoral process. Watch video, here.

 Gallup Poll Gap in Trust in Congress4 Issues to Consider:

NY Times—Just How Nepotistic Are We?

Princeton Study—Princeton Study: U.S. No Longer An Actual Democracy

Gallup Poll—Americans’ Trust in Executive, Legislative Branches Down

Readers Digest—The 100 Most Trusted People in America


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