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Sun Apr 5, 2020 by on Florida Real Estate

Dear Friends,
Charles Dickens once said, “It was the best of times and it was the worst of times.” We all may at some point wonder what Dickens truly meant by this quote given our unimaginable Coronavirus state of affairs.
While there have been periods of time when we, as a nation as well as individually, have been faced with great uncertainty like the 9/11 tragedy and the Great Recession, the current COVID-19 pandemic has left us uncertain, challenged, and perplexed. It feels as though we are living in a surreal, nightmarish Twilight Zone episode, where we are to stay at home, avoid human interaction, and pretend, if we can, that it is business as usual. None of it makes sense, and it is too much to comprehend. Unlike other trying times in our history, the coronavirus pandemic is different as its effects reach not only our business and economy as a whole but, most importantly, our overall health and well-being.
Through it all, we have found that there are heroes amongst us. The first responders, the firefighters, the nurses, doctors, law enforcement, and those folks who deliver our food and supplies despite the fact they all should remain at home. We are inside our homes—our hearth: a place that provides warmth and light, and symbolizes love and life. We have found strength within our families as we spend time together—time that we may not have had otherwise. Some of us may have developed new skills by taking classes on-line and/or found new experiences in art, baking, or music. And perhaps this is the silver lining—not that it is the “best of times” as Dickens eluded to but rather that we are here for each other and we have been forced to reflect on our own lives as to what is important.

Our firm and title company have transitioned within a short span of time to remote companies for the safety of our staff, clients, and vendors. We have been here for you for over thirty years and will continue to serve you. Our law firm has free weekly, webinars on Tuesdays at noon that deal with legal and real estate issues arising out the COVID-19 crisis, providing you with information that you may want to know as we all navigate through these unchartered waters. We have a section on our website regarding COPVID-19 that provides you with necessary information, such as government assistance programs and legal issues that have emerged.

On behalf of our law firm and title company, we are here for you. Together we will emerge from this stronger.

Stay safe and be well.
From the Heart and Hearth,

Ellen B. Pilelsky

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