The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow? Homeownership Still Vital To Americans

Sun Jul 10, 2011 by on Florida Law News

Even though it is a risky proposition, 9 in 10 Americans polled still say that owning your own home is an important part of the American dream.

The latest New York Times/CBS poll shows that nearly 90% of those polled believe that it is important to own your own home, even though less than half of them think owning a home is a safe investment.

Public sentiment in favor of support for homeowners in trouble is also high. More than half of those surveyed believe that the government should provide direct financial assistance for homeowners in financial trouble.

The poll provides a fascinating insight into the American psyche: home ownership remains the number one factor in defining what it means to be successful in America. This is a representation of America’s intrinsic unease with renting. The idea of paying someone money every month and having nothing to show for it at the end of the day still reigns powerfully over the American mind.

There is also a strong belief that the economy will eventually get better. Taking a cue from Annie, this belief in the ability of our country to bounce back shows that the current crisis has not permanently scarred us.

Americans are still an optimistic people, and traditional values like home ownership and a belief that things will always get better remain strong. This is the magic and mystique of America!

No matter what, Americans still believe “the sun will come out tomorrow.”

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