Top 2010 Foreclosure Headlines from South Florida Law Blog

As we approach the close of one of the most historical years in Florida real estate, the South Florida Law Blog wants to thank all of you for supporting our efforts throughout the year. In case you missed some posts, we are highlighting some of the interesting twists and turns the past year has delivered from “what to tell your kids about foreclosure” to the breaking of the foreclosure fraud crisis. If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like us to cover in 2011, or ways we can improve the blog, please let us know.

Top 2010 Foreclosure Headlines from South Florida Law Blog

In the meantime, here are the top 2010 headlines from South Florida Law blog:

1. What to Tell Our Kids About Foreclosure: From the Heart

2. Roy Oppenheim on “Asset Protection” Discusses Deficiency Judgments and Homeowner Negotiating Power

3. Even More Embarrassment for Banks: Foreclosure Fraud

4. Roy Oppenheim on Strategic Foreclosure: Shay’s Rebellion 2.0

5. Back To School: Learn the ABC’s and D for Deflation?

6. How the Banks Aren’t Playing Fair: CBS News, Roy Oppenheim Talks with Investigative Reporter Stephen Stock

7. Roy Oppenheim to the Wall Street Journal: “Your editorial will make future investors think twice about entire system”

8. Cracked! Humpty Dumpty, Chase, and GMAC: The Bank Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud Crisis Continues to Fall by Roy Oppenheim

9. The F Words: Fraud and Foreclosure – Watch Roy Oppenheim’s Workshop Replay on Bank Fraud and Mortgage Foreclosure

10. Foreclosure Defense in a New York Times Minute with Roy Oppenheim

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